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Secondment Program: GC/LC-MS Analysis for Beauty Care Applications

Work Scope & Responsibilities:

· Leverage existing GC-MS and LC-MS tools and develop capabilities as needed for holistic understanding of interactions between ingredients in formulations

· Partner with multifunctional team in designing experiments for technology screening, MOA elucidation, and validating/building computational methods.

· The focus will be developing foundational understanding (molecular -to- macrolevel) of material interactions in formulations (complex systems)


Qualifications & Requirements for Secondment:

· Postdoc who has served at least two years in A*STAR, NUS, NTU.

· Ph.D. in Chemistry (Organic/Physical/ Analytical), Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, Environmental Engg

· The applicant should have a background in separation sciences (GC-MS, LC-MS)

· Knowledge of Modeling and Data Analytics tools (Python, C++, Matlab etc.) are desirable.

· Excellent communication and analytical skills are required. Ability to work independently and in an interdisciplinary collaborative environment is expected

For any further questions, please contact:

Dr Vivian Poon (Email:


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