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The position is advertised to recruit an SRF/RF/RA/PO to join a newly funded project led by A/P Ng Kee Woei. This project relates to the development of nanomaterials as matrices to carry out biomolecule-nanomaterial interaction studies using primarily MALDI-ToF mass spectrometry.


Key Responsibilities

  • Conduct thorough literature review and generate periodic updates

  • Carry out nanomaterials synthesis, functionalization, and characterization

  • Carry out MALDI-ToF mass spectrometry to analyse biocorona on nanomaterials

  • Carry out data analysis of mass spectrometry profiles to identify biomarkers

  • Develop analytical software approaches to set up standardized high-throughput data collection and analysis workflows

  • Carry out biochemical and biological assays to understand the bioavailability, biopersistence and toxicity of nanomaterials

  • Develop and optimize protocols

  • Supervise junior research staff, undergraduate and graduate student projects

  • Manage logistical issues and supervise laboratory operations

  • Coordinate collaborative work within multidisciplinary team and external collaborators

  • Generate periodic progress report as required by funding agency


  • PhD in Materials Science/Chemistry/Biological Science/Chemical Engineering/Forensics or related fields

  • A strong track record of research ability and demonstrated contribution to research (e.g., research publications, grant applications, patents) required

  • Relevant research training experience preferred

  • Experience with MALDI-ToF mass spectrometry and biostatistics data analysis preferred

  • Experience in scientific programming (Excel, Matlab, Python) preferred

  • Experience in nanomaterials synthesis, functionalization, and characterization preferred

  • Experience in mammalian cell culture preferred

  • Good communication and writing skills

  • Good coordination/project management skills

  • Able to plan and execute experiments with minimal supervision

  • Able to take initiative to improve processes and troubleshoot problems

  • Able to organize well and adhere to deadlines

Interested candidates please email A/P Ng Kee Woei at


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