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Senior/ Research Scientist, Analytics/ Metabolomics (SIFBI)

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  • Design and application of appropriate analytical strategies (focusing on small molecules) to support development of high value healthy good ingredients with novel functionalities.

  • Perform targeted and untargeted metabolomics experiments, LC-MS method development, method validation and troubleshooting, analysis, and interpretation of HRMS and NMR data for biomarker identification and validation.

  • Improved productivity and streamlining of existing analysis methods (macro- and micro-nutrients) via automation or new methodologies.

  • Supervision of postgraduate/undergraduate students and determine validity of data.

  • Creative interpretation and presentation of data to provide insightful correlation.

  • Writing reports, publications, conference papers, preparation of research proposals and budget planning. Participation in preparations of funding proposals will be expected.

  • Interact and collaborate with a broad range of scientific disciplines with the existing research groups at SIFBI and A*STAR Research Institutes, particularly those focusing on integration of metabolomics, genomic, nutrition and bioinformatics.

  • Contribute to the continuous improvement and future development of analytical capability.



  • Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry (Food Chemistry, Natural Product Chemistry, Metabolomics)

  • At least 2 to 5 years of working experience in analytical chemistry, metabolomics, and testing of new methodologies. Industry experience is an advantage.

  • Expertise in HPLC-UV/RID/ELSD, LC-MS/MS (QTOF and QQQ), NMR instrumentation, sample preparation techniques, data acquisition and interpretation.

  • At least three to four Scientific publications high in high-ranking journals and demonstrated experience in writing publications, conference papers and research proposals.

  • Proficiency in performing untargeted and targeted metabolomics and lipidomics data processing, statistical analysis, and data interpretation.

  • Good communication, presentation and interpersonal skills are essential.

  • Excellent project, laboratory management and prioritization skills in multiple tasks, meeting strict deadlines.

  • Capability of creative and critical thinking, independent thought and experimentation, decision making, problem solving with discretion, self-motivation and curiosity.

  • Proficiency in various LC/MS data processing software, commercial and in house databases.

  • Experience in supervision of undergraduate/graduate researchers.

  • Proficiency in statistical software package is advantageous.



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