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SSMS Travel Awards are meant to encourage our members, especially young scientists, to attend international conferences relevant to mass spectrometry.  This is part of our continuing efforts to promote scientific learning and training of local mass spectrometry scientists.

There are two categories of 'Travel Awards' available:

NOTE: Additional funding for Travel Award is available upon request, subjected to approval on a case-by-case basis.



  • Applicants must be registered as an Individual Member of SSMS

  • Applicants applying for 'Cat-1: AOMSC awards' which are reserved for Postdoc or Student must be currently enrolled in an institute of tertiary education or has to have received a graduate degree within the last 5 years

Application Procedure:

Please submit the following at least 1 month before the start of the conference to

  • Completed 'Travel Award Application Form'

  • Copy of your presentation abstract, please note that abstract accepted for oral presentation will be given priority

  • Documentary proof of Postdoc or Student status if applying for 'Cat-1: AOMSC awards'



  • Application outcome will be sent via email

Monetary Disbursement Conditions [Updated on 5 Nov 2019]:

  • Proof of presentation (a copy of relevant pages of the programme indicating recipient's name, presentation title, conference name and date) must be provided after the conference

  • Official receipts associated with expenditure for the conference must be provided, and only the expenditure categories as you have indicated on the application form will be considered

  • Amount awarded will be the sum of documented expenditure, less funding from other sources, up to the indicated maximum award amount

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