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Mass spectrometry in the Clinic - Two Worlds Colliding

by Xavier Gallart-Palau

Since the sudden emergence of Mass Spectrometry (MS) in the 80s of the past century, MS technologies have been considered as highly valuable elements in clinical chemistry laboratories. This fact opened the door to the introduction of proteomics and bioinformatics in the medical field. Although in biomedical research MS technologies, bioinformatics and proteomics have become indispensable resources, their bedside translation still faces several challenges that require of extensive multidisciplinary debate and knowledge exchange. The cost of the specialized equipments and of MS instruments maintenance required to obtain optimal results in the clinical settings, the requirements of skilled labour force to solve the future challenges of personalized medicine from MS settings and the world-wide regulatory uncertainty will be some of the issues that will be discussed in this section of the SSMS newsletter. Our co-editor Xavier will interview national and international medical doctors and other clinicians together with internationally-renowned MS experts to debate about the challenges and potential improvements that these “two worlds colliding” can face together.

Do not miss our first section of “two worlds colliding” in the next SSMS newsletter issue!


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