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SSMS Newsletter Launch!

Updated: Jul 28, 2018

The SSMS Newsletter has just been launched! We hope to be the catalyst for your next clinically-inspired mass spectrometry project. Tailored specially for the Singaporean academic and industrial mass spectrometrist, the Newsletter will be your point of connection to the SSMS theme (clinical mass spectrometry), local news and upcoming events.

Look out for the next few issues, which will include interviews, inspiring stories of successful collaborations and answers to frequently asked questions about clinical mass spectrometry.

We’re also on the lookout for your interesting MS news, whether it is your own research or any announcement — do contact us by email if you have ideas for an Article or News, especially those with a clinical/translational bent. Read about us, your editorial team below.

Introducing the Editors

Matthew CHOO, Ph.D.

About: I’m interested in how glycosylation post-translational modifications influence the quality of monoclonal antibodies and biologics, how they are altered in disease states and how Mass Spec data can be visualised and manipulated in creative and automated ways using KNIME and Python.

Favourite LCMS: Thermo Orbitrap Fusion, C18/HILIC nanoLC.

One current project: Matching a biosimilar’s glycosylation to the innovator drug.

Background: I did my Biochemistry & Mass Spec Ph.D. with Imperial College London, but before that I was a Chemical Engineer from the University of Sydney. Currently on my first postdoc with A*STAR’s Bioprocessing Technology Institute (BTI).


About: Proteinopathies are one of the main biological threats of the XXI century affecting the homeostasis and function of essential organs such as the brain, liver, heart, etc. I strongly believe that an advanced use of mass spectrometry technologies will help us to understand the occurrence and progression of degenerative protein modifications (DPMs) in proteinopathies that cause major human diseases. As a neuroscientist, I am strongly interested in studying by mass spectrometry technologies those age-related proteinopathies that affect the structure and function of the aging human brain.

Favourite LCMS: Thermo Orbitrap Elite, ion-exchange chromatography.

One current project: How DPMs modulate the aggregation ability of the brain proteome in dementia syndromes.

Background: Neuroscience+Mass Spec Ph.D. with University of Lleida (Spain) international program, NTU and DUKE-NUS. Currently on my first postdoc with NTU in Singapore.

Qifeng LIN, Ph.D.

About: I’m interested in developing DIA/SWATH technologies for diverse biological applications and exploring different analytics approaches in mining DIA/SWATH data.

Favourite LCMS: SCIEX 5600/6600 TripleTOF

One current project: Tracing zebrafish early development using SWATH-MS

Background: Ph.D. in Biochemistry with Maxey Chung, National University of Singapore. Presently at first postdoc position in IMCB-SCIEX Research Collaboration programme, with Jayantha Gunaratne, Institute of Molecular & Cell Biology (IMCB), A*STAR.


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