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SINGMASS Announcement

SINGMASS is a Singapore national research cluster to bring together, as a start, three existing world-class centres:

- The Protein and Proteomics Centre (PPC at NUS)

- The Functional Proteomics Laboratory (FPL at A*STAR)

- The Singapore Lipidomics Incubator (SLING at NUS)

Each centre has specific areas of expertise that will be combined into a coordinated unit that addresses the need for mass spectrometry solutions and synergizes the combined unique MS expertise. We seek to extend our partnership through the SSMS community to other mass spectrometry centres in Singapore. The overall goal of SINGMASS is to offer mass spectrometry users in Singapore and the larger Southeast Asian region, a one-stop solution for mass spectrometry applications and technology development.

We welcome additional partners from the SSMS community to join us in expanding mass spectrometry services in Singapore.

SINGMASS seeks to begin hiring mass spectrometrists at all levels and especially doctoral level scientists.


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